AMZUK is an artisanal label embodying the spirit of refined craftsmanship and Indian textile traditions. A celebration of slow fashion, decidedly delicate shapes and subdued details. Our brand was born out of a desire to create handcrafted apparel that occupies a space somewhere between daywear and loungewear, crafted solely using natural textiles to make pieces you will desire and cherish.

Founded in 2019, together with a team of artisans and designers placed between Bengal; the home turf of the celebrated mulmul and our namesake of sorts, Lucknow, and New Delhi. Tasked with a simple vision to create one of a kind handloom pieces that mirror the exuberance of Indian Crafts with an old-world charm. The ethos of the brand is in taking age-old crafts and motifs out of their predicted artisanal contexts and giving them a new spin to create elevated designs.